Pro Customization Service

Pro Customization Service

Make your jersey even more special by adding your name and number, or your favorite player's name and number, to your jersey. Lettering and numbering kits are professionally sewn to match the exact styles worn by every NHL team On-Ice. Nameplates are included where applicable.

Assistant captain’s "A" and captain’s "C" can also be added where applicable.

NAME (CAPS) - __________________________________.

Number - _______.

Captain’s “C” - _____ Assistant’s “A” - _____.

Please allow approximately 3 weeks** to order lettering kit, apply to jersey and carefully sew down.

Customized jerseys are NOT returnable!


$80 for ANY name and number (“A” or “C” included if applicable) on Adult jersey.

$70 for Youth jerseys.



** 3 weeks is a good faith estimate, not necessarily an iron-clad guarantee. Jerseys may take slightly more or less time depending on lettering kit delivery time, holiday peak volume, emergency weather conditions, global warming and other factors.


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